An Engine To Power Telehealth.

Our completely customizable software allows you to expand your healthcare business online. We offer a drag and drop interface to build out a DTC telehealth brand.

Bask's vertically integrated primary care platform powers a personalized, end-to-end healthcare experience from diagnosis, to delivery of medication, to ongoing care. Bask's maintains an expansive provider network and nationwide pharmacy distribution centers. We have built a platform that seamlessly connects telehealth, diagnostics, and pharmacy services to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare without the need for insurance.

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    The Bask Platform Suite.

    We provide all the telehealth, ecommerce and pharmacy fulfillment features you need to drive adoption. Skip past developing your own software & meeting strict health data compliance.

    Module Telehealth Visits


    Our modular platform allows
    you to design the system thats right for your company. From Doctors to Payment Processing, we include it all.

    Dynamic Telehealth Visits


    Use our drag and drop builder
    to design an async questionnaire
    specific to your treatment. It's as easy as setting up a Shopify store.

    Manage and Admin Telehealth Visits

    Patient, Doctor
    and Admin Portal

    Manage providers, patients and your brand within a seamless interface. Use features like analytics, payment reporting, intake builder and more to customize your user experience.

    Bask Telehealth Visits


    No more wasted time negotiating with supply chain partners in an opaque industry. Our pharmacy fulfillment network can deliver both compounded medication and commercial drugs to all 50 states, directly to your customer's door.

    What We Offer

    How The Platform Works

    From an online visits to prescribing to fulfillment, we handel it all.

    • Dynamic Telehealth visit

    • E-commerce Engine

    • E-Prescribing and EMR

    • Compounding, Dispensing, Delivery


    Dynamic Telehealth Visit

    Using our drag and drop builder, create a questionnaire (aka Patient Intake form) with custom logic for your business and product.

    Each questionnaire can be connected to a unique domain, with its own API to send the data wherever you want. By default, it is saved to your own HIPAA compliant database.

    • White Labeled
    • Matching Quiz & Results
    • Intake Forms
    • Patient Agreements
    • Email & Text Messaging
    • Patient Portal

    E-commerce Engine

    Each questionnaire is enabled by our Engine that allows you to sell prescription products as a recurring subscription or individually.

    It also allows you to split up payments and payouts by state, allowing you to maintain compliance while maintaining a seamless user experience.

    • Billing Management
    • Subscriptions
    • Billing Support
    • Payment Processing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Certification Automation

    E-Prescribing and EMR

    Our vastly customizable yet simple EMR allows doctors to prescribe on the fly, viewing all of the patient information in one place. Information missing? Doctors can seamlessly message patients (or visa versa) when questions arise.

    With a end-to-end encrypted database, doctors can upload and save files, view timelines and prescribing history, customizing an EMR relevant to your business. No Doctors? No problem, use our in house clinical team to prescribe.

    • End-to-End Encryption
    • HIPAA Compliant
    • Data Ownership
    • Smart Scheduling
    • Compliance
    • Customizable

    Compounding, Dispensing, Delivery

    Once prescribed, prescriptions are automatically sent to our Pharmacy fulfillment center to be shipped directly to the end customer. Generic medication or custom compounded medication, we can make it and ship it to all 50 states.

    Automatically handel refills, new orders, and prescriptions with ease. All built within one system for a true end-to-end system for the healthcare industry.

    • 50 States
    • Compounding
    • Fulfillment Automation
    • Custom Packaging
    • Refill Management
    • Warehousing

    Bask's Vision For
    The Future of Healthcare


    Eliminate 'care deserts'

    The U.S. Government currently designates 80% of the country as lacking access to healthcare


    Modernizing healthcare

    Our platform provides comfort and convince, removing wait times while providing a better assessment.


    Lowering cost

    Our streamlined process saves both doctors and patients time, allowing us to provide your visit for free.

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    What We Do.

    It takes 12-18 months to develop your own software. With Bask its less than 90 days. Why take years when you can take days?

    White-Label Telehealth Platform

    From a drag and drop store builder to our no-code questionnaire builder we offer all the tools you need to completely customize and create a branded solution for your business. Spend less time developing technology to provide treatment online, and spend more time actually selling. Our solution offers compliance and certification automation, built in digital marketing tools, and all the customization and branding your business might desire to get you providing treatment online within days, not months.

    Robust API Suite

    While our no-code solution is great for most. We provide access to all of the APIs that power our white-label telehealth platform, to allow you to build an even more robust system to fit the needs of your business model. From Data ownership to unique workflows, our APIs have the ability to handel it all.

    Diagnosis to delivery

    Physicians, nurses, and pharmacists practicing on Bask's platform can seamlessly track patients journey with you, facilitating frictionless care coordination between providers to provide your patients high-quality care from diagnosis to delivery.

    'Super powers' for businesses & physicians

    Bask's platform makes healthcare more efficient by collecting a patient's history, highlighting common risk factors, flagging contraindications, and consistently checking in with patients, giving physicians more time to spend addressing each patient's unique needs. This goes hand in hand with providing the management tools you need to properly run your business online. All provided in one connected platform.